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Methlab Environment Testing / Remediation

ACS CTS Decon / Area Cleaning Service, LLC has assisted individuals and companies remediate locations with DISCRETION and COMPASSION since 2007.

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Crime scene cleaning Westlake, Ohio
Crime scene cleaning Westlake, Ohio

Methlab Environments exist in Homes, Rentals, Condos, Rehabs, Vehicles, etc.


Methamphetamine is extremely caustic, flammable, and has been known to cause health degenerating issues, such as brain damage, birth defects, respiratory issues, organ failure, heart failure and stroke, bone density loss and other issues.


“Cooking Meth” leaves residue, which Property Owners, Real Estate Offices, Hotel Managers and others are many times unaware of.


Methamphetamine (Meth) lab problems are increasing daily. Meth labs, used to make the illegal drug Methamphetamine, are found within Homes, Apartments, Motel / Hotel Rooms, Sheds, and even Motor Vehicles.


The number of meth labs seized by law enforcement agencies increases each year by leaps and bounds.


Local and Federal Agencies have enacted regulation seeking to restrict the products needed to make methamphetamine, but the methods / locations of its production are changing, adding to the difficulty health and environmental agencies face in assessing meth related health risks.


Methlab Environments and the residue generated by Methlab Environments remain adhered to walls, carpets, ceilings, HVAC even sewage systems, exposing current and new inhabitants of a variance of work and residential spaces to “Meth Environment Exposure.” (See: for additional information regarding Methamphetamine).


Every day, property owners, rental managers, building managers, family members, condo associations and others, are tasked with determining and subsequently addressing Methlab Environments.


Properties used to produce meth are generally found to contain a make shift lab-like setting – which includes containers of chemicals, heat sources, and various forms of laboratory equipment.


Again, after a lab is discovered by you or by law enforcement, even after the bulk of any lab-related debris is removed. Residue and contamination remains.


Regardless of the amount, meth lab contaminants may pose health threats to persons exposed to them.


The risk of serious health issues, caused by in-effective or improper handling of decontamination and cleaning of Clandestine Labs is very, very real.


You need answers – not a call to an 800 Number for Testing and Remediation. The Technicians at ACS CTS Decon understand.

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