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Biological Decontamination within Hazardous Environments / Biological Hazards (Overview)

A Level One (1) Biological Hazard poses the least risk, while a Level Four (4) Biological Hazard poses the greatest risk.

Level One:

Lowest Risk – Requires proper training and basic PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Can make you feel quite ill but probably won’t kill you. To assist with the prevention of further contamination, ACS CTS Decon recommends considering and utilizing a professional Bio-Remediation Service to prevent the further potential of expansion.


Level Two:

Requires proper specialized training and certification as well as the proper use of next level PPE (Personal Protective Equipment.)  Level Two Bio Hazards are not generally considered deadly to most humans, yet can cause long-term to permanent debilitating illness – advancing into illness that can be deadly to most humans.  ACS CTS Decon recommends contracting with a professional Bio-Remediation Service to properly address this level of contamination. ACS CTS Decon is certified and experienced in Level Two remediation practices.


Level Three:

Requires extensive and specialized training and proper use of next level PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) this level of Biological Hazard can cause serious health problems which may lead to fatality. Requires additional Safety Operational Equipment (SOE) ACS CTS Decon recommends seeking out and contracting with a professional Bio-Remediation Service experienced and certified in Level Three Remediation practices.


Level Four:

The Highest Biological Hazardous Level.  Requires extensive training.  Requires specialized PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and other Safety Operational Equipment (SOE.)  Likelihood of fatality when exposed is great. ACS CTS Decon has the experience and understanding required to address this form of Biological Hazardous Level.

Crime scene cleaning Westlake, Ohio

Crime scene cleaning Westlake, Ohio
Crime scene cleaning Westlake, Ohio

Addressing biological hazards require – at the very least training – in some cases – certification of skills and in all cases use of some form of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as well as other Safety Operational Equipment (SOE)

ACS CTS Decon follows standardized protocol in providing containment, remediation and disinfection using best practices developed over years of experience, certification and licensure. Lab Issues, Crime Scenes, Trauma Occurrences, Suicide Environments, Clandestine Labs – locations which have been impacted by the prescience of biological hazards at any level can be professionally and promptly addressed by the Technicians at ACS CTS Decon.

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